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Newbold Heritage Group New Lount Colliery Heritage Trail Board 4

Coal Shaft Tops.

Initially the tubs came up the shaft and out onto a gantry where they travelled over a tub weighing machine and then onto the tipplers, of which there were two for coal and one for clay. The coal was then transferred to the shakers and screens.

1930 New screening plant with dry cleaning plant was installed - new tipplers, pulsating jigs, belts and pulsating loaders for wagons - and included 4 dirt separators for DS and Bakers Nuts - number of grades of coal rose from 6 to about 20.

There was also coal bunkers for storing the various grades of coal, as well as clay bunkers for storing the clay. In 1939 Dust separators were added to the screens.

At the beginning of the 1960's five blending bunkers of 250 tons capacity were installed, at the front of the screens on the east side to mix good and poor quality slacks to the required percentage for power station use. Drakelow being one of the main destinations. By this time a fair percentage of the coal was being reduced to slack and dust as a result of the new mechanisation.

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